divorce for dads coverDivorce is widely acknowledged to be one of the most stressful life experiences there is – and it’s even more difficult to cope with if you’re also a dad because you’ve got to look after yourself and your kids. It’s never an easy process, no matter who you are, and the dilemma of doing the right thing for their children is one that thousands of separated fathers face every day.

In Divorce For Dads, celebrated soccer personality Gary Bailey combines forces with renowned family behaviour expert Nick Woodall to provide the new guidebook aimed specifically at fathers experiencing divorce or family separation. Offering comprehensive advice in a simple and accessible format, this is a book that every divorced (or separating) dad should read.

The book examines the impact of family separation through tools such as the Change Curve. It looks at issues including dealing with anger, grief and loss and offers tips about the best ways to keep in good physical and emotional shape. It also explains how family separation impacts on children and how to spot and deal with their distress.

Finally, the book looks at the kind of future that you want to offer your kids with plenty of tools and techniques to help you to get it right. From making new parenting time arrangements and helping your kids to live in two homes to getting communications right and successful negotiations, Gary Bailey’s Divorce for Dads will help you make the right choices for your kids.

Gary Bailey’s Divorce for Dads is published by Two Dogs ISBN 9781920137229